• 30$ Per Kg/Volume (Conditions applied)
  • 10 to 15 days delivery period
  • Item wise charges
  • Hassle free at your doorstep
  • Booking for Air cargo every month
  • We can also purchase product for you
  • Or you can buy and ship/drop to our location 
  • PayPal & Credit card service also available

How to calculate volume weight ?


  • Send us the product link of picture.
  • We will quote you the price for both Sea and Air module.
  • Select your module and pay upfront.
  • Get your product at your doorstep at your designated time.
  • You can also purchase product and ship to our warehouse.
  • We also offer local pickup from USA (Charge calculated according to the location).
  • When you purchase by yourself send us the product information you are sending to our
    warehouse plus tracking info.
  • Mention your
    name initials after our name For example,

    If your name is Aisha Rehman so you will put [Muhammad Naveed

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